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STEM Scholars

STEM Scholars is a free program for college students with disabilities and veterans who are majoring in science (including social science), technology, engineering, or math (STEM)

2012 STEM Scholars 2012 STEM Scholars (left to right): Crystal Daggett, Spencer Hunley, Chris Hull, Jameel Thurman, Michael Morganegg, Joe Hack, Laura Hurse, Antone Jenkins, Caleb Campbell

Why STEM Scholars?

STEM Scholars is a flexible program that offers many different ways to participate and connect with other students with similiar academic and career interests. Program benefits include academic support, access to a transition navigator, research opportunities, and much more, all designed to help STEM Scholars earn degrees and build careers in the STEM fields.

Interested? Download a brochure or sign up online.

Academic Coaching

Receive real-time support while you are on the go via weekly or biweekly contacts with your transition navigator. Receive information on available academic support services and get help developing a plan to achieve your academic goals. Read more about academic coaching at KC BANCS.

Cohort of Students

Students with whom you share unique struggles in an academic environment will help you gain the confidence and knowledge to be successful.

STEM Research Opportunities

Work with your transition navigator and KC BANCS faculty contacts to participate in research opportunities at your college to gain experience and technical knowledge in your degree/career field.

STEM Career Exploration Opportunities

Still not sure on what career you want to pursue after finishing your degree? Internships and service learning are great ways to explore different career paths in your field and give you on the job experience to help market yourself when entering the job market.

Tutoring and Educational Support

The college you attend may already have supports in place that you are not aware of. KC BANCS will help you find the best resources for your individual needs.

Why Major in STEM?

Job Openings
STEM jobs will provide 2.4 million job openings through 2018, including 1.1 million new jobs.

For women and minorities, STEM is the best equal opportunity employer. Although pay gaps exist in STEM, they are smaller than in other occupations.

People with lower levels of education in STEM make more money than people with higher levels of education in non-STEM. 63% of people with AA/AS in STEM earn more than those with a BA in business or the humanities.

STEM Majors

Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Economics

Computer Science, Networking, Medical Technology, Information Technology

Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical

Mathematics, Statistics, Economics

Alexis Petri,
Jun 12, 2013, 8:51 AM
Alexis Petri,
Jun 12, 2013, 8:51 AM