Introducing a New Webinar: Supporting Student Veterans:
What Faculty, Instructors, and Administrators Need to Know

Wednesday, October 16th - 1 pm (CT)

KC-BANCS is sponsoring participation in the webinar at 3 locations:

  • UMKC, 12:30 lunch, 1:00-2:30 PM webinar, Miller Nichols Library, iX Theatre (1st floor next to Robot Cafe - note entrance is on ground floor)
  • KCKCC, 1:00 - 2:30 PM webinar, Intercultural Center, Lower Level, Jewell Building
  • MCC Penn Valley, 1:00 - 2:30 PM webinar, location TBD

More and more student veterans are enrolling in our colleges and universities. Faculty and instructors have the potential to have a significant impact on the student veterans’  success – and ultimately, their retention.

Do you have the tools and resources to understand and support student veterans?

Learn how faculty, instructors and staff can effectively support student veterans as they navigate the transition from military to academia. Use assessment data in the design and implementation of a training program focused on addressing student veteran needs. Discover a case study of an existing program that has proven successful. Examine available campus and community resources to support your efforts to provide faculty and instructors with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively understand and support student veterans.

Learning Objectives

  • Define at least three ways that providing training to faculty and instructors in understanding and supporting student veterans impacts their retention and graduation rates.
  • Pinpoint strategies for utilizing needs assessment data in the development of training modules for faculty and instructors related to understanding and supporting student veteran success.
  • Identify model programs that may be modified to address faculty and instructor training to better understand and support student veteran needs related to: engagement, impact on learning, displacing myths, and connecting with campus and community supports.
  • Outline three essential components necessary for an effective training program designed to assist faculty and instructors in understanding and supporting student veterans.

What is a Webinar?

Please join your colleagues around the country for this 90 minute webinar as our expert panelists discuss critical skills and knowledge to support student veterans. Then, add your thoughts and ask questions during our Q&A session. 

Certificate of Completion for Each Participant

After attending this interactive webinar, each participant will receive a printed certificate of completion in the mail.

What is Universal Design for Learning?

UDL is an approach to teaching, learning, and assessment that draws on new brain research and new media technologies to respond to individual learner differences. Given the complexities of today’s classrooms, faculty need to be successful with a much more diverse group of students. Universal design for learning addresses these challenges and offers increased opportunity for all students to access, participate, and progress in their chosen areas of study as well as general education.

What types of UDL resources are available?

Faculty can enrich their UDL practice through a collection of key UDL resources available on the KC BANCS Resource Hub. These resources include current research and scholarly publications as well as interactive learning modules, real-world syllabi and lesson plans, and technology toolkits. The UDL blog provides KC Metro educators with an online forum for sharing UDL strategies and best practices.