Career Exploration

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KC-BANCS research projects and internships are a great way to explore different career paths in your field, make important contacts, and obtain the real-world experience to impress employers, enhance your marketability, and increase your skills and career readiness.

Your Transition Navigator will work with you to develop a project idea or internship. STEM Scholars should contact Kate Duffy at or 816.235.6383. Veterans in STEM can contact Melissa Johnson-Tribout at or 816.235.1765.

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Your Resume

The first step in career readiness is creating a resume and online portfolio that introduces you to employers and highlights your accomplishments, experience, and career goals and interests.

KC-BANCS web editor Melissa Messina will work with you to create a resume or portfolio. Contact Melissa at 816.235.1760 or to schedule a session.

STEM Research Opportunities

STEM Scholars and Veterans in STEM can pursue research opportunities through UMKC’s student academic research program, SEARCH. Students at the community colleges may work with Transition Navigators and KC BANCS faculty contacts to participate in research opportunities at their college. All students who participate in research outside of class and share a summary of what they learned through a poster seminar are eligible to receive a $1500 stipend.

Students interested in pursuing a STEM research opportunity must complete and submit a STEM Research Project online application. The deadline for 2012-13 applications is January 31, 2013.

Career Exploration Fellowship

STEM Scholars and Veterans in STEM can put together a Career Exploration Fellowship where they spend 20 hours in a semester in an internship, in a lab setting, or in a service-learning project that connects with STEM careers. This fellowship will help college students gain the valuable real-world experience an internship can provide. All STEM Scholars and Veterans in STEM who participate are eligible to receive a $300 stipend each semester they participate.